March 2014 Meeting Notes

Green Country Fly Fishers Monthly Meeting 03/4/2014

Meeting called to order at 7:04 by Richard Johnson

The meeting was being held at the Washington County Adult Center in Dewey.

There were 20 members and 4 quests present.

Guests were students from the Fly Fishing School being held at WCAC.

Ron Copeland, Charlie Miller, Peggy Tinsley(wife of Jeff Tinsley), Cindy Bray

Other members of the class that have already paid memberships are:

Duane Richards and Jeff Tinsley

Business meeting:

Minutes from Jan meeting were read   

Bruce Keen said that the last date of the school was going to be Mar 13th and not Mar 11th as stated in the minutes.

The minutes were approved as amended

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Our current balance is $2516.66

Dennis reported that the school was going well with an average attendance of 10 with 14 paid enrollees. Five students were at the meeting. Casting was excellent due to the work of Bruce and Gene Holland. The club has paid $100 to the WCAC and $100 to Dewey Public School.  The club also purchased a video projector for use at the school and in future meetings.  The cost was $300. 

Larry Johnson reported that the students could come to the Saturday coffee and tying at Bambinos or to the club’s monthly tying sessions if they were interested in tying.  

The outing for March would be at Lookout Lake on the 29th.  Camping is available. No gasoline motors are allowed on the lake.  Boat rentals are available from the Camp Ranger’s office. Bruce will bring his skiff and a canoe for use by members.

Montgomery County Lake is being purged of shad with some chemical treatments.  A few dead Blue Gills have been observed around the lake. The lake should be ready for our April outing.

Dennis discussed the issues with the stickers for the fly boxes.  Vistaprint is too restrictive and other sources are running about $300 for 500 stickers. Cindy Bray, a student from the class, said that she could get them printed for us for a lot less money with the firm where she works. We asked to her to work on it.  In a later email she said the cost for 104 1 ½ inch stickers would be $20.98. They have been ordered and should be here by April 4.  Dennis is covering the cost and the club would reimburse his for the cost.  Thanks to Cindy.  

Saturday coffee and tying would be at Bambinos on Mar 8th. Be careful of the storm drain on the northeast parking spot.  It eats car keys.

Nils Nelson has returned from heart surgery in Cincinnati and Dean Reed’s health is improving. 

Lary Smith reported that we were looking for another location for the club picnic.  We could have it on May 3rd be at Osage Hills State Park. The club could rent the shelter for $65 from 9;00AM to 9:00PM.  

Larry Johnson motioned to approve the date and the location.  Bruce Keen seconded the motion. 

Iva Winger commented that this date conflicts with the Small Mouth Rendezvous in Tahlequah. The motion for the date and location was approved.  The details for menu and activities will be worked and reported on at the April meeting. 

The Claremore Tackle show was good for the club. It may be in the fall next year.  Bruce, Larry, and Dennis did fly casting demos at the show as well as tying demonstrations by Ed, Richard Johnson, Richard Cain, Riley, and Ivan. 

The tying contest was won by Larry Johnson.  There were two entrie