Fly Fishing School

The dates for the 2021 School will be announced when Covid allows. The plan is to hold a school. Please contact Bruce Keen using the link below if you have any Questions. We still look forward to helping you learn about the wonderful sport of fly fishing when group meeting are safer in a month or two. 

Classes will cover:

 * Fly fishing equipment needed and how to use it.

 * Fishing lakes and streams, both warm water and cold water.

 * Fishing for trout, bass, crappie, sunfish and others.

 * How to tie flies.

 * How to cast a fly rod. 

There will be 3  hours instruction on equipment, 4 hours on how and where to fish, 6 hours on fly tying and 9 hours of casting instruction.

No experience or equipment needed. GCF has all equipment needed for casting and fly tying
Enrollment cost will be $60 
Classes will be 8 AM to 5 PM on three Saturdays. A
pril 4, April 18 & April 25 (skipping April 11)

Class limited to 15

Contact for more information: Bruce Keen 

Fly Fishing School Outline

Fly Fishing School 2020- Outline Rev 1