Fly Fishing School

 In 2019, GCF will conducted it's Fly fishing school at First Church, 4715 Price Road, Bartlesville

Classes will cover:

 * Fly fishing equipment needed and how to use it.

 * Fishing lakes and streams, both warm water and cold water.

 * Fishing for trout, bass, crappie, sunfish and others.

 * How to tie flies.

 * How to cast a fly rod. 

There will be 3  hours instruction on equipment, 4 hours on how and where to fish, 6 hours on fly tying and 9 hours of casting instruction.

No experience or equipment needed. GCF has all equipment needed for casting and fly tying
Enrollment cost will be $55 
Classes will be 8 AM to 5 PM on three Saturdays. A
pril 6, April 13 & April 27 (skipping April 20)

Class limited to 15

Contact for more information: Bruce Keen 

Fly Fishing School Outline

Fly Fishing School 2019- Outline Rev 5