Olive Spark Bug

DSCN0126 Resized


Hook:              #10 3XL 

Thread:           Olive

Tail:                 Olive Marabou

Under Body:    Olive Dubbing 

Body:               Large Pearl tinsel

Collar:             Chain Eyes 

Front:             Olive Dubbing

The spark Bug is an old friend that Greg McWilliams brought to the club. Below are a couple of steps to help you tie this one. First tie in the tail with the marabou ending near the eye of the hook. That way there is more material for the glue and thread to hold the eyes in place.  Next add the underbody dubbing to create a smooth surface for the tinsel. Then add the tinsel and wrap it to the tail and back over lapping the wraps. Third create a dubbing loop with the hair of choice. Olive pine squirrel or Fox squirrel work well. In addition to sunfish and bass, the crappie also like the spark bug.


Take care and stay safe.