DSCN0140 Resized


Hook:                  3XL Streamer in 8 to 12

Head Thread:     Chartesuse 8/0

Bead:                   Brass Sized to match hook in Brass or dull brass

Back Thread:      Black 8/0

Tail:                       Black Marabou

Body:                    Black & Peacock tinsel chenille Trimmed

Normally tied without additional weight so as to allow fishing with a slow drop along dams and other structure. This is a great still water fly fished slow with some jigging action.

Place the bead on the hook and start the front thread. Build a thread dam in front of the bead to keep it in place and jam the bead onto the dam. Then tie off the thread and start a Black thread behind the bead.

The tail is tied closer to 2 body lengths rather than one. If you only have med or large Chenille use that and trim it down to the size of the bead.

Some glue or UV resin on the front thread adds some depth of color and improves life span of the fly


Take care and stay safe.