CuBLK Wooly Bugger

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CuBlk Wooly Bugger


Hook:       3XL Streamer in 8 to 12

Thread:     Brown 8/0

Bead:        Brass Sized to match hook in Copper or Brown

Tail:            Brown rabbit standard zonker strip

Body:         Copper and Black med tinsel chenille

Rib:            Optional copper wire

Hackle:       tan or olive

Normally not tied with additional weight so as to allow fishing with a slow drop along dams and other structure where small crayfish are likely to be found. However, with some weight it can be fished like a normal Wooly Bugger with good effect at the right time of year. 

The hackle tends to bury into the chenille so a rib is not needed to protect the hackle stem.

Some glue under the zonker will help the fly last as the fish tend to eat it from the tail. This is the reason I think they take it a small crayfish.

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Take care and stay safe.