You will probably say “I know all about Dave Whitlock,” but I believe you should read this article to learn much more.

He was one of the tyers who made the FFF Conclaves much more enjoyable through his tying skills, his new creations and his adaptations.   He also experimented successfully with many natural materials in his creations.   He encouraged and attracted many other quality tyers to FFF Conclaves and advertised their skills to all who would listen.

Dave credits Bus Buszek with helping make fly tying a distinct and continuously developing art, with continuing the emphasis on the ever-growing number of designs, techniques and material uses. He emphasized his admiration by sponsoring the Annual Bus Buszek Award given at FFF Conclaves to the most outstanding amateur or professional tyer of the year.

He also lauded Virginia Buszek Perry for continuing to make possible the annual award for the rest of her life.  

But Dave’s skills and efforts were not confined to fly tying and fly fishing.   His artistic skills were being developed at the same time.   There is a painting of a crappie which adorned his walls for many, many years and may still be there.   It dates back to his “pre” famous days.   Five of his paintings adorn the walls in my hobby room.   His articles, tapes and lectures grew from his deep need to learn and to share his knowledge.

It is this assortment of skills and his ability to transfer his enthusiasm to others that is expressed in the organization of fly fishing in the Mid Continent area of the United States discussed elsewhere on this web-site.

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