Creation of Wayne Moore Youth                                     Program

     In 1974 several ladies at the FFF Conclave at West Yellowstone could not attend the Ladies Luncheon because they could not find a baby sitter for their kids.  Some were aware that Green Country Flyfishers had youth programs at home so they approached the club to see if they would conduct a fly tying session starting at 11:30 AM and ending at 1:30 PM  on Saturday of the conclave..  The cost to the kids would be $1.00 each for lunch at 11:30.  The club agreed to conduct the class the next year, furnishing all material and equipment.  This program continued until about 1987 when the FFF officially established a daylong program including field trips.

 In 1976 the ladies of the Midwest Council approached the Green Country Flyfishers to establish a similar program for the same reason and it was done.  On occasion, when the  powers that be would agree to keeping the flow into the North Fork River at a minimum the session would include fishing at the confluence of Dry Run Creek. 

 Catherine and Wayne Moore spent weekends near the streams in Wisconsin where they fly fished.  Wayne retired in the late 70’s as a research chemist and they moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas, to enjoy the trout streams there. Wayne passed away in 1984 but his wife Catherine remained active in affairs involving the youth and taught a youth Sunday School class in Mountain Home, Arkansas..  In 1987 Catherine Moore asked the Green Country Flyfishers to allow her to establish with our assistance  a Wayne Moore Youth Day including tying, sandwiches, and fly fishing   This was not to be a Council Conclave event.

 Catherine arranged with the Corps of Engineers to restrict the flow of the White River until 3 PM, solicited the Mountain Home businesses for support, advertised in the Mountain Home newspaper and began registration. The list quickly grew to more than 35   kids and it became apparent more clubs would be needed to accomplish our objective.  Catherine solicited the help of the Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers, the North Arkansas Fly Fishers and the Tulsa Fly Fishers..  Don McFadden, owner of the Rainbow Trout Dock on the White River donated his entire facility, including 6 cabins for a weekend in October, 1987.   

 Things went smoothly except for Catherine.  She had injured her foot and ankle and was confined to a chair in pain throughout the successful day.  Organizing such an event was more than she felt she could handle again.  She acquired the assistance of Steve Jensen, a good friend of the family, to set up an official Council-wide Youth program whereby the Council would provide food costs for clubs throughout the Council who sponsored youth day programs.  The only other requirement was that during the day a moment be dedicated to Wayne Moore and later, when Catherine passed away, to add her name to that requirement. 

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