Chuck Davidson retired from his position as President of the Ironmakers #768 Local Union of Marquette, Michigan in the late 1970's and moved with his wife Bess to McClellan's Camp on the North Fork River.  His trailer as the last one on the trail which led to the river from the Camp.

He joined the White River Flyfishers and remained a member for many years. He then became founder and president of the North Arkansas Flyfishers.

Chuck seemed always willing to intercept and visit with flyfishers as they made their way to and from the North Fork River, to share his knowledge of the flyfishing art and to give advice about flyfishing the local waters.

He played a key role in bringing about a closer relationship between fly fishers and guides in the local river systems. He was constantly active following what his strong convictions dictated. He was instrumental in getting State approval for the introduction of cutthroat brook trout in Arkansas's river systems.

Chuck passed away July 23, 1985. 

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