Catherine spoke with a wonderful southern drawl which she developed during her childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi.   She met Wayne there and they were married in 1940.   Wayne gave Catherine a pair of hip waders and a fly rod for a wedding present.   Hip boots and a fly rod presented quite a contrast to the china and silver gifts when displayed together.

After their marriage they moved to Wisconsin where Wayne worked for 40 years as a research chemist in wood and wood products.   During that time he developed into a marvelous wood carver, his specialty being wooden fruits and nuts.   He was interested in developing improved tools for fly tying and fly fishing, creating the carved wooden fly tying bobbin, magnetic fly holder, needle knot tool, leader knot tightener and other tools, devices and methods involved in fly tying and fly fishing.

They fished together constantly during their lives in Wisconsin, spending their weekends near the streams which they fished, often spending the night in sleeping bags on the edges of hay stacks.   Their two children, a boy and a girl, fished with them as they grew up.

When Wayne retired in the late 70’s, they moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas.   Wayne immediately became involved in the White River Fly Fishers there and in the Midwest Council and FFF conclaves and served as chairman of both the Southern Council and the FFF Conclave’s fly tying groups.   Wayne also served a term as a Director of FFF.

Wayne passed away in 1984.   Two things of significance happened.   One was that his daughter, Peggy Steward, collected all his papers and published a 90-page paperback handbook entitled “Wayne Moore’s Fly Tying Notes” which included his scale drawings of the devices he invented.

The other thing was that Catherine decided to remain active in affairs involving the youth, teaching a youth Sunday School class and establishing a Wayne Moore Youth Day for the kids in Mountain Home.   She solicited the merchants for prizes to reward the kids.   Don McFadden, owner of the Rainbow Drive Trout Dock, donated his entire facility—including 6 cabins—for a weekend in October 1987, so we, the Green Country Flyfishers and the Tulsa Flyfishers, would have a place to stay overnight during the first Wayne Moore Youth Day.

As the date for the Youth Day came nearer, it was obvious to Catherine than more help would be needed, so she also solicited the help of the Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers and the North Arkansas Fly Fishers. More than 35 local boys and girls attended this first Wayne Moore Day learning to tie flies, to fly cast, finally to fish in the White River that flows in front of the facility. Althought Catherine had arranged with the local Corps of Engineers to hold the flow from Bull Shoals Dam to the minimum until 3 pm to keep the fishing at its best, fly fishing activities were halted briefly at noon with the serving of hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings.  

Along with her exhausting experience of preparing for this event, Catherine pierced her ankle while working in her flower bed just before the big day and had to limit her physical activities during the event.   Everyone was impressed with the kids’ response and Catherine decided it should become an annual event.   Her experience dictated that the job was too great for one person, that the program was needed and that she would pay the food costs if the program was offered on a Council-wide basis.

The Southern Council quickly adopted her suggestion and Steve Jensen, of the Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers, accepted the responsibility of qualifying the eligibility of individual requests and handling the financial obligations involved in future Wayne Moore Youth Days.

In the early 90’s Catherine could no longer see well enough to drive and was experiencing chronic physical difficulties.   Since her children and grand children were residing in the State of Washington, she move to Cristi Nursing Center in north Seattle. She passed away there in 1995.  

To honor her as well as Wayne, The Southern Council changed the name of the fund to include both Catherine and Wayne. 

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