Bob Cunningham - Lapis Lazuli

Bob and David Whitlock were the co-founders of Green Country Fly Fishers. Bob went on to serve the FFF in the Midwest Council which became the Southern Council after enough Northern clubs were created to allow them to form Councils up there.  

Bob help develop the Whitlock Vibert Box while helping with the Spring Creek stocking efforts in the 70's. after holding GCF offices, he went on to hold offices in the Midwest Council and be award most of their honors. Bob then moved on to helping the Federation of Fly Fishers in many ways including running the world wide Whitlock Vibert box program. This lead again to many honors. In 1987, Bob was inducted to the Order of Lapis Lazuli, the Federations Highest Award for service to Fly Fishing.

In between the work and honors, Bob has fished most of the western US. If anyone is going out west needs to check in with Bob, as he knows about the special holes off the beaten track where you can catch big fish without a crowd.

Bob came back to Green County Fly Fishers to help the club any way he could. His experience and wisdom has shape the club and many of the members. For all the Honors, Bob has always been an active teacher of beginners, a student of Fly Fishing, and a fine Gentleman. 

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